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Rogier Ruys

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary Dutch Sculptor
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Sculptor Rogier Ruys
Rogier Ruys

About Rogier Ruys

Rogier Ruys is a sculpture artist that makes realistic and figurative work in bronze and acrylic material, small and monumental. With the love for Henry Moore and August Rodin he aims to create expressive figurative abstract form, emotion and movement, combining the strength and artistry of both artists.
Sculptor Rogier Ruys
RR creating Skyscraper

Exhibition History of Rogier Ruys

Many places/Galeries/Sculptergardens in Holland / Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall and Concertgebouw and Hotel Pulitzer and Brooklin/ Rotterdam Norht Sea Jazz / Utrecht / Maastricht Valkenburg during the Tefaf / Belgium Antwerp /France Cluny / Spain Barcelona/ Italia Bologna and Ferrara/Late Summer Jazz/Florence/Art Milan/ Art Breda


Biography / CV of Rogier Ruys

Rogier Ruys is now living in Holland after living,traveling and studied around the world. He is a sculpture artist that makes realistic and figurative work in bronze and synthetic material, small and monumental. With the love for H.Moore and A.Rodin he is longing and aiming to create what does not exist combining with the right emotion.
His work has been seen on many exhibitions in Europe and participated on a few radio and television performances. His work belong to international private and public collections and made already many awards.

Beside his `normal` work there are two important projects:
With Art into Music `the language of the world` he has A Mission with a Vision! and devotes his Art to Music and Musicians that will spread around the globe and hopefully last forever.
With Hand R Made~ custom create, he is showing how wonderful and powerful Hands can be.

RR. creating Heaven & Earht

Artist Statement of Rogier Ruys

` The beauty of Art goes further than the eye can see and our hands discover `
` Music&Art pulls on the string of everyones Heart `


a few

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Rogier Ruys

Award for Martin Luther King HI5 in Holland, award for foundation Lezen en schrijven, Music award for Jazzfestival in Den Haag, sclupture for Metropole orchestra conductor Vince Mendoza. music sculpture trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, award for Metakids/Participatie price

Public Works of Rogier Ruys


Publications / Media / Bibliography of Rogier Ruys

a f Florence/ Cultuur nacht Breda /magazine Milaan

Influences / Inspiration of Rogier Ruys

Henry Moore and August Rodin

Price Range of Work

Rogier Ruys's work has a price range from £382 to £48,278
Price range starts from 250 to more than 100.000, it all depend on how large and the material.

Mediums utilised

Rogier Ruys's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Rogier Ruys's work is found in the following categories on site:
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines (15)
Monumental Contemporary Abstract Modern Sculptures (15)
Musician and Musical Sculptures (10)
Maquette For Larger Monumental Massive Big or Large statue or sculpture (10)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (9)
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary (8)
Awards, Trophies, Presentations and Prizes Sculptures (7)
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues (5)
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (5)
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary (5)
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary (5)
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures (5)
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue (5)
Human Form: Abstract Sculptures (4)
Small / Little Abstract Contemporary Sculptures / Statues (4)
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (4)
Wind Musical Instruments Musicians or Players and Composers sculpture statue statuette (4)
Abstract Contemporary or Modern Large Public Art sculpture Statues statuary (4)
Anatomy, Hands and Feet and other human parts of the body Sculptures (4)
Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures (3)
Religious Sculpture (3)
Outsize, Very Big, Extra Large and Massive Sculptures (3)
Horses Abstract / Semi Abstract / Stylised / Contemporary / Modern Statues Sculptures statuettes (2)
Stringed Instruments Composers and Musicians Realistic and Abstract Sculptures Statues statuettes (2)
Stylised Nude statue sculpture statuette ornament (2)
Meditation sculpture / Statues / statuettes / figurines (2)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (2)
Famous People Sculptures Statues (2)
Love / Affection Sculpture (2)
Wedding Anniversary Gift or Present Sculptures Statues statuettes (2)
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines (2)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Polychrome Sculpture Multi-Coloured Statues statuettes statuary (2)
Conceptual Art Sculptures Statues often Large or Monumental Abstract Art (2)
Public Art Sculpture (2)
Fantasy sculpture or Statue
Parent - Child Sculpture
Human Figurative Sculptures
Couples or Group Sculptures
Nudes, Female Sculptures
Monumental Sculptures
Dance Sculptures and Ballet Sculptures
Mythical Sculptures
Happiness / Joy / Exuberance / Wild Pleasure sculpture
Indoor figurative sculpture
Aspirational / Inspirational Sculptures or Statues
Sensual Sculptures or Statues
Bas Reliefs or Low Reliefs
Spiritual sculpture
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Nude or Naked Couples or Lovers
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc
Precious Metal Precious stone Sculpture Statue Ornament Figurine Statuette
Sadness Anxiety Remorse Grief Sculptures Statues
Literary and Musical Characters Sculptures
Horses Outdoors, Outside, Life Size, Big, Large, Huge Sculptures Statues memorials commissions custom made
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures
Painted Coloured Tinted Patinated Enamelled Sculptures Statues statuettes

ArtParkS Sculpture Park Yearly exhibitions

Rogier Ruys's work has been exhibited at the following yearly exhibitions held at the ArtParkS sculpture park:
2017 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2016 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2015 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition


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"A sculptor wields the chisel, and the stricken marble grows To beauty."
William Cullen Bryant
Customer comment on 'Geometry' by Liliya Pobornikova
Hi Peter and Sarah the piece arrived today (“Geometry” a delicate ceramic Abstract sculpture by Liliya Pobornikova in Spain) / absolutely fantastic I love it !!

Hope the Wife feels the same- I’m sure she will / many thanks for all your info and help. Kind regards Scott Cooper.

Mr S. Cooper, England, United Kingdom.